You Versus the Easter Bunny 

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You Versus the Easter Bunny 

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Whether you celebrate Easter of not, that #!@*(!# Easter bunny can be a serious threat to your dieting efforts. Perhaps you never have – or no longer – buy jelly beans to fill baskets (on behalf of that long-eared critter), but it’s just about impossible to pass a checkout counter in the spring without being tempted by an Easter treat. Whether it’s three chocolate eggs for a $1.00 – or an enticing baskets of jelly beans (“Help Yourself”) this particular holiday is right up there with the major high-calorie temptation holidays.

If you do need to buy candy for children, you have my sympathy. Last year I had to fill 100 plastic eggs for our family’s traditional Easter egg hunt and it was excruciating. So many little pieces of candy that could just as easily be slipped into my mouth as into a plastic egg. I finally got a piece of chewing gum to keep from eating my grandkids’ candy.

So what’s a dieter to do? Will power, of course. First of all, do you really like jelly beans enough to blow your diet for them? Most Easter candy is simply not worth it. It’s like eating candy corn at Halloween – really!?

Now I admit that – for me – one of those cream-filled chocolate eggs is very tempting. Fortunately, some of the tastier and more enticing Easter treats cannot be surreptitiously slipped into one’s mouth and eaten quickly. To unwrap a chocolate egg or behead a large chocolate bunny takes forethought and a conscious decision to blow the diet.

Dieting is difficult and you have to weigh the pros and cons of everything you put in your mouth. If you feel you must have a marshmallow at Easter, well: NO you do not need it.

If an Easter treat calls to you, acknowledge the consequences of giving in. Having a cream filled egg or a chocolate bunny is your choice. Go right ahead. But accept that your scale is going to reflect your bad decision and that however many months of dieting you’ve been on, that candy is going to be a negative blip in your diet success. And, we all know that allowing ourselves some chocolate eggs today is the slippery slope to stealing from the kids’ Easter baskets tomorrow.

Three cheers for that cute little Easter bunny. May his sweet mission thrive, but not on my hips.