You Versus the Chocolate Santa

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You Versus the Chocolate Santa

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Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, checkout counters displaying chocolate Santas and foil wrapped reindeer can be a serious threat to your dieting efforts. The same can be said of  the overflowing candy dishes or trays of homemade cookies at the office. And arriving at a party and facing a bounty of high calorie “family traditions” homemade foods. And eggnog! And let’s not forget chocolate Yule Log with cream filling (Be still my heart!)

This season is right up there as the major high-calorie temptation holiday.

So what’s a dieter to do? Will power, of course. First of all, do you really like foil wrapped chocolate that sells for a dollar? Is THAT worth blowing your diet? Unless it’s really good chocolate, why bother?

It’s less easy diet choice when you are faced with exceptional good and scrumptious high calories seasonal offerings.

What to do? You have to weigh the pros and cons of everything you put in your mouth. When a holiday treat calls to you, acknowledge the consequences of giving in. If having Aunt Marie’s homemade fudge is the pinnacle of your holiday season, then enjoy! Go right ahead. But accept that your scale is going to reflect your bad decision and that however many months of dieting you’ve been on, that fudge (unless you can stop at one piece) is going to be a negative blip on your diet success. And, we all know that allowing ourselves some fudge today is the slippery slope of sugar cookies tomorrow!

Three cheers for the holiday season. May it be jolly and bright and fun for you and your family.   But may it not show up on your hips or scale. If you blow it,  plan to read my next blog about your New Year’s Resolutions