Why I Didn’t Make My Favorite Fudge This Holiday Season

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Why I Didn’t Make My Favorite Fudge This Holiday Season

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I’ve been doing pretty well diet wise this holiday season. I’ve been resisting cookies and cakes. When at a recent buffet brunch, I passed on the pancakes, home fries, and bacon and had a veggie omelet and fresh fruit.  That worked for me – no regrets.

However, my biggest diet accomplishment this month is that I did NOT make my favorite fudge with tiny marshmallows. I purchased the ingredients, but they are still sitting on my shelf because I knew that if I made that fudge, I would eat it. Normally I made my fudge on the premise of giving it as gifts. But when I asked several family members: “Would you like some of my fudge this year?” they said “No.” Drat!

My great Fudge Challenge is when I started cutting the fudge into neat little squares. I start sampling the fudge pan leftovers – then the uneven little fudge pieces that don’t pass the Gift Test. It doesn’t take long before I succumb to the perfectly squared fudge pieces (the gift pieces). It has happened (more than once) that I’ve had to make two batches of fudge because the first batch isn’t quite enough – for gifts or ME.

Some would argue, “A little fudge won’t hurt – it’s all about moderation.” Perhaps you could eat an uneven square of fudge and stop, but not me. That initial taste becomes a serious slippery slope. Not only in my eating more fudge, but totally caving on all the other high-calorie holiday foods.

I had a dieting guest visit at Thanksgiving and he announced: “I’m off my diet until January.” He proceeded to pour gravy all over his mashed potatoes and stuffing. I saw him last week and he acknowledged that his scale was up a bit.  His observation was being made while he drank some eggnog and grazed through a tray of cookies.  It was hard to tell if he was truly mad at himself for “going off the diet” for a month or was totally enjoying his food freedom and had no regrets.

Dieting comes down to personal choices.  Sadly those personal food choices are not just during the holiday season, but what we are faced with every day of the year 24/7.

If the holidays are happier, jollier and more complete for you if you eat your way through Thanksgiving to New Year’s – then go for it. I envy you. I wish I could go off my food plan for a month and get right back on the diet on January 2nd.  But for me – whether it’s a buffet with pancakes, a chocolate Easter bunny, Halloween candy or holiday fudge – there is no half way.