Why Diets Fail: Overweight Women are Not Selfish Enough….

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Why Diets Fail: Overweight Women are Not Selfish Enough….

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A close friend asked me to provide her with a list of reasons why I think she can’t lose weight. Eek – asking someone to psyche out another’s weight issues could put a friendship to the test.

However, I have known this woman for a long time. So I agreed to give her my honest opinion on why I think she can’t get a handle on her weight. The reasons she is struggling may be the same reasons you are struggling.

She is a business woman, she is a single parent, and she has some health issues. Those three issues alone can contribute to a staggering life overload, lack of personal time and a high level of stress. And, as we all know, the more we’re pulled in multiple directions, the harder it is to stick to a diet. Women tend to put themselves last over their many commitments, including eating right.

Here are a couple of thoughts on why it is so hard for busy women to get their acts together around their food programs. And why I think they need to become more selfish.

  • You have way too much going on in your life. You juggle too many balls in the air and the ball that invariably drops is the self care one.
  • You don’t get enough sleep. Your too-busy day impacts your ability to sleep and rejuvenate yourself at night.
  • Your stress levels (and your excess weight) have lead to health issues – from small headaches to bigger concerns.
  • You’re too busy to think about what you’re eating. You eat in a rush to fill your hunger versus planning ahead and being prepared with healthy foods.
  • You don’t feel good about yourself. The weight undermines your self confidence, which drives you to food for comfort.

For some of you, there may be the additional reason that you have not done your homework on good nutrition. Uneducated assumptions about food and exercise can destroy a diet effort.

There are no simple answers to the Super Woman/Every Woman life overload. But the underlying requirement is to make time for intentional self care – without guilt. That means that one way or another, a woman needs to find time for herself. A woman needs to be able to say “No, absolutely not. I don’t have time/interest/inclination in doing this or that. Instead, I am going to do what I want/need to do.”

Consider what they tell us on airplanes before the plane takes off: If there is a need for oxygen and the oxygen mask drops down, put your own mask on first, then help those around you. That’s common sense – whether it’s airplane oxygen or the oxygen of your life. You are useless to yourself and those who rely on you if you don’t put yourself first (at least some of the time).

How do you put yourself first? Only you can answer that. I know my friend likes going to spas (whereas for me, I have no interest in a massage). I like reading; you might find that dull. We each have our own path to self care and relaxation. Find yours and follow it. Then you’ll get control over your weight loss effort.

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