Ways to Cheat on Your Diet

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Ways to Cheat on Your Diet

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After years of careful and first-hand research, I can now share the secret to cheating on your diet. Let me caveat: This is a blog on cheating, not losing weight!

Your scale

If you have a digital scale, it’s surprisingly simple to get an ideal scale reading. It’s all about positioning yourself! First tap on the scale and get the little 00 to appear. Then:

  • Carefully step on the scale with only one foot until the scale locks on a weigh (let’s say 125 pounds). Gently place your other foot on the scale. It will stay at 125 pounds – even with both feet – because it’s already recorded.
  • Carefully step on the scale with both feet, but put your hand on the bathroom door jam or against any surface. Lean your weight on your hand.
  • Never use a scale because you know how your weight is based on the fit of your clothes. Then blame the drier for shrinking the blouse you now need to hold together with a safety pin.

Recording Your Food

If you use one of those online tracking, this one is a cinch.

Underestimate how much you eat.

  • You have a banana for breakfast and instead of recording the gargantuan banana you actually ate, put down “small banana.”
  • You have a turkey sandwich for lunch and record the bread and turkey, but omit the smear of mayonnaise and the dab of cranberry sauce.
  • You have a baked potato with dinner and conveniently forget that pat of butter and dab of sour cream.

Don’t weigh and measure

  • Have your favorite cereal for breakfast (only 110 calories per serving) and instead of measuring, pour the cereal in a bowl and have the equivalent of 2+ servings.
  • Drench your salad with low calorie, fat free dressing – knowing that a mere 2 teaspoons is 60 calories.
  • Don’t buy a food scale. Instead visually measure your food based on your “many years of dieting.”

Believe the words “light” or “lo cal” or “low fat”

Convince yourself that

  • Low fat ice cream is really low fat
  • Light cheese means you can have a double portion
  • Baked potato chips are not as bad as fried chips

Pretend to exercise

  • Tell everyone you’ve joined a gym, then explain how often “life has interrupted” you’re actually going to the gym.
  • Tell friends you walk everyday. Omit the fact that the walk takes you by the bakery and your favorite blueberry muffin.
  • Go to the gym but never get your heart rate up and never break a sweat.

How do I know all these wonderful diet tricks? The same way you do.

And how’s that working out for you?

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