Using Guilt to Get Your Diet Back on Track

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Using Guilt to Get Your Diet Back on Track

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Last week I went off my diet. After a satisfying meal, I got into a box of  ice cream bars.

You might scoff at my diet transgressions if going off your diet means drinking a couple of beers and devouring a pepperoni pizza along with a half-gallon of ice cream.

However – as far as psychological impact, I’ll match my ice cream binge to your pizza binge any day! That’s because all things are relative. No matter what your binge food, it feels bad. Sinking to a binge of any type can be devastating to a dieter and can be a first step toward regaining lost weight.

I went to bed that night justifying my binge (not that many calories – it could have been much worse – the ice cream is gone now so it won’t tempt me again – new beginning in the morning.)  About 3:00 AM, I woke up and realized what I had done. Years of committed dieting and I blew it in one night of stupid eating! And for ice ream bars!? At least I should have gone off the diet for a chocolate lava cake!

It turns out that – for me – that transgression was a good thing.  It’s all about the guilt! There is nothing like a good case of self-loathing to get one back on the diet track.

Just as there is a moment of truth (that inner turmoil) about going off a diet (to binge or not to binge), there is an equal inner turmoil over what happens after a binge. Do you allow one binge to destroy your diet effort forever?

For a lot of people the answer is “Yes…” “I blew it, I’m a failure, I’ll get back on my diet next week, but for now I will wallow in self pity and order another pizza.”

Guilt can served as a dope slap on the side of a dieter’s head:

  • Will you allow one night of binging to negate your diet successes?
  • Is the siren call of a pizza stronger than entering your class reunion looking thinner?
  • Are you so weak that cereal or pizza can bring you down?
  • Do you really want to lose weight anyway?

Caving to a binge is bad enough; giving up on the diet because of one binge is stupidity!

So you went a food binge last night.  In the morning stand in front of the mirror and be mad at yourself. Really mad! You should be. And feel guilty – very guilty. You messed up!

Now resolve to recommit to your diet and do better! That’s making lemonade (diet lemonade) out of lemons.