Twelve Things I LOVE About Sticking to My Diet

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Twelve Things I LOVE About Sticking to My Diet

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This piece was going to be entitled “Twelve Things I HATE About Sticking to My Diet,” but, shish, what would be original about that? There isn’t an overweight person who couldn’t write easily make it a list of 100++ things to hate about a diet commitment.

Coming up with twelve things to LOVE about dieting? That’s as big a challenge as dieting itself. So I’ll give it a shot:

  • I love when I don’t have to use a safety pin to hold the waist of my slacks together.
  • I love reaching in my coat pocket and not finding cookie crumbs or cleaning under my car seat and not finding candy wrappers, McDonald’s boxes, or any other evidence of my nutritional indiscretions.
  • I love when I wake in the middle of the night and don’t have to silently scream at myself for stupid food choices the previous day.
  • I love when I make it through a restaurant meal and DO NOT pick at the breadbasket (inhaling the aroma doesn’t count – right?).
  • I love, love, love it when someone says “Have you lost weight?” and I can honestly smile and say “Yes” even though I know the scale shows me being down only three pounds.
  • I love when I’m at the grocery store checkout counter and resist buying two (yes, 2!) candy bars to “tide me over” until dinner. Even better, I really, really love it when I buy an apple instead!
  • I love when I walk to the mailbox, instead of sending one of the kids (even though the mailbox is only 100 feet away).
  • I love when my grand kids ask me to sit on the floor and play a game and I can actually get down to the floor – and get back up again.
  • I love when I make all the right restaurant food choices.
  • Although I dislike clothes shopping (it’s all about those dressing room mirrors!), I love looking at the next size down rack.
  • I love it when I make the effort to get off my duff and move – even if that means running the vacuum or weeding the yard.
  • I love when I feel good about myself because – for so many years – I did not.



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