The Ultimate Diet Challenge: We Love Food and We Love to Eat

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The Ultimate Diet Challenge: We Love Food and We Love to Eat

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I’ve written a lot about nutrition, exercise, behavior modification – all factors in losing weight. But the bottom line issue for most dieters is simple: “We Love Food!”

Food is better and more tantalizing than ever before. I grew up in a plain old meat and potatoes household (boring, tasteless food). If we occasionally had Chinese take out, it was chow mein or if it was Italian, it was spaghetti with canned sauce and a meatball. Pizza was cheese only with none of today’s unique toppings.

In the last few decades, food has gone from mundane to amazing.

And food presentation! Omigosh. When I was growing up, food was slopped onto a plate with a quadrant for each food group. These days at a restaurant or at home, the meal service is an art form in itself.

I admire people who can go out to a restaurant and pass on a high calorie food, well – let’s say that focaccia bread. That takes will power. You succeed in beating that temptation and next comes an epicurean delight meal, loaded with calories and so delicious. If you’re in a good place diet wise, perhaps you can resist those high calorie foods and be satisfied with a broiled chicken breast. But it sure isn’t easy.

I believe dieting is tougher than ever in this 21st century because the taste, look and feel of food is just so rich and enticing. And, of course, we all need food to survive. So it’s a losing (sorry, not in the sense of weight losing) combination. We gotta eat, it looks wonderful – and WE WANT IT.

How does one diet in this time of good and plenty? And how does one diet when one loves (absolutely loves) to eat?

You’re waiting for the be all and end all answer, aren’t you? You want to read the ultimate secret to diet success.

Sorry – here’s all I know about this. The desire to be thin and healthy and to live a longer and fuller life has to be stronger than the desire to eat that phenomenal plate of food that is in front of you. There’s no other way to do it.

For me, it’s “Goodbye focaccia bread with oil; I will miss you.” I could tell you that someday you can have those foods back, but, personally I don’t believe that’s true. I have yo-yo dieted for decades because I have walked away from bad foods – and walked right back to them when I neared my goal weight. Returning to your old eating habits may work for you, but are you sure that’s not one of your ultimate slippery slopes?

You need to make your own choice: What is more important to you – your food or your health and appearance? Until you make that choice, the focaccia will always be there.