The Right Reason to Lose Weight

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The Right Reason to Lose Weight

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Do you want to lose weight to fit into an outfit and to blow your friends away with your svelte look?  Or is your diet goal to get healthy?

There is a right and a wrong answer to this question!

There are many reasons to start a diet. The primary should be your health. Participating in a healthy food programs can help combat serious health issues such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. Losing weight for better health is a smart move.

Okay – confession time. I admit that in many decades of dieting, my core goal was to be admired as a thin woman.  I wanted to turn heads as I entered a room in a size 6 black sleeveless mini sheath dress.

How’d that work out for me?  Not at all.  The quest for thinness was never achieved in my younger days (in spite of launching a new diet program every Monday morning). I was close a few times – but then the scale would rise again – higher than it was before.

Sadly – my quest to turn heads with my amazing body was achieved:  People looked at me because I was a size 24, weighed 260 pounds and waddled when I walked.

At age 68, I finally realized my diet goals were all wrong.  That little black dress was not hanging in my closet. Instead, I found myself sitting in a chair and looking at my grandchildren as they played.  I was in the chair because getting on the floor to play with them was inconceivable.

It was then that I realized I had to diet for the right reasons – to live longer and see my grandchildren grow up.

I changed my mindset and that new view carried me through a healthy diet program. It took two years, but I lost 110 pounds.  But more important – I am now in excellent health and potentially will have a long life.

Do I have a little black mini sheath dress in my closet?  No, I don’t.   Not that – at size 6 – I couldn’t fit into my dream dress.

But here’s the other truth of life long dieting.  Do it now – don’t wait until you’re my age!  If I’d had my dieting head on straight for the past 50+ years, I would have had many sharp looking clothes. Today, at age 72 (with a few too many wrinkles), I dress well, but age appropriately (which does not include mini skirts).

Monday morning’s coming – are you about to start a new diet – again?  Why?

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