The Need to Diet is So UNFAIR!!!

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The Need to Diet is So UNFAIR!!!

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Yesterday I was at the local mall and passed through the food court. I was immediately struck by how unfair it is to have to be on a diet. I was offered a sample of Chinese chicken on a stick. I smelled pizza and French fries and hamburgers. This food court had a Cajun stand and there was Japanese food and a sub shop.

The smells and sight of food were mouth watering. The final straw for me was when I saw a husband approach his wife with two large soft serve ice cream cones and her face lit up with a huge smile. I wanted it all – from the fried rice to the pasta platters to double pastrami sandwich. And I wanted an oversized ice cream cone.

It just didn’t seem fair that others were enjoying all those tempting foods and – because I am weight challenged – I had to keep walking.

It is so hard to stick to a diet. Ya, think? There is so much delectable food out there. Not to knock salads, but given the choice between a lettuce leaf and a slice of pepperoni pizza – no contest in my mind.


The reality for most life long dieters is that we have had it all. When I hit 300 pounds – lost it and then put much of it back on again, it was all those food court offerings. I’ve had a lifetime of bad food choices. I still recall (with embarrassment) sitting in my car in the parking lot of a hamburger stand eating a triple cheese burger and double fries – and then going back to get a second order. And – yes – those lovely days at an ice cream counter when I wouldn’t hesitate to say: “A large, please.”

Let’s get back to that mall. I walked through the food court and salivated at all I saw and smelled – but kept moving. I still had to pass a pretzel stand, a candy store and cinnamon buns.

I arrived at the mall anchor store and bought the two size Small jerseys that were my partial reason for the mall visit. As I paid, I knew that five years ago, I would have been buying those two jerseys in an XXL in the women’s department.

However, the moral of my Surviving the Food Court story is not the size clothing I wear now. It’s much more than that.

When I arrived at that mall, I parked at the furthest distance from the store where I was planning to shop. I had on my pedometer and my goal was to get my daily 10,000 steps by mall walking.

Making it through that Food Court may have been painful for me with an inner struggle of wanting it all. But that was offset by the knowledge that caving to egg rolls or a slice of pizza is minuscule compared to seeing my grandchildren growing up and hearing my doctor say: “You are healthy.”

I’ve had it all food wise – a lifetime of eating just about everything that I wanted. Today I can handle a mall food court, which doesn’t mean I don’t still dream of those “good old eat-it-all” days.

That wife’s face when her husband handed her that cone was priceless for me. And – yes – I will have an ice cream cone one of these days. But not the large one.