The Boredom Factors in Dieting

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The Boredom Factors in Dieting

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Boredom comes to play in several ways when it comes to dieting.

  • Diet foods can be boring
  • Bored dieter eat more
  • Confirmed dieters can be boring

Diet foods can be boring

Alas, it’s true – the plainness of some diet foods can get very old. Unless you have a chef in the family who can add pizzazz to a broiled chicken breast, generally diet foods are not terribly exciting. This is especially true if you work all day and don’t have time or energy to be creative. It’s easier to revert to the tried and true (that plain broiled fish or chicken breast). And if you have a family that takes a dim view of “That Dull Diet Stuff,” it takes a lot of energy to create a family meal and a separate low-calorie epicurean dish.

The other side of diet food being boring is that non diet foods (the fattening stuff) can be so interesting and enticing. It’s amazing how ordinary foods can be dressed up with sauces, breading, cheeses and so on. There are so many delicious and inviting ways to add calories to a meal.

Bored dieter eat more

Sitting in front of the television at night watching the same old/same old?  Having a lunch with with a friend who is the same old/same old?  Working on a dull job that is  same old/same old?

A busy day can often fly by; a same old/same old day can seem interminable. It’s scary how a long list of “fill-the-time” projects can last about three hours and there are still 21 hours left in the day; 21 hours in which boredom kicks in and the kitchen calls (or that dessert menu calls or a candy dish calls).

Confirmed dieters can be boring

I’ve written about this before. Those who are truly committed to their diet plans are sometime not perceived as much fun to be around. The gang orders loaded nachos and a pitcher of beer, the dieter goes with soda water and celery and carrots. The hostess makes her finest baked lasagna; the dieter says a gracious “no thanks” and eats only the salad. The gang wants to share a dessert; the dieter smiles pleasantly and “Not for me, but you enjoy!” Bummer! When all are eating, who wants a dull dieter passing judgment on other’s food choices?

Combating boredom

Sorry – there’s no simple answer to making dieting less boring. If you want to lose weight, you’ve got to accept that the dynamics of your life are going to change.

  • Your food may be a bit less elaborate (unless you have that chef at home).
  • You will need strong willpower not to let boredom drive you to the kitchen.
  • Friends need to welcome and love you for your scintillating personality, not your food consumption.

Is it worth it? Of course it is. When it comes to successfully dieting, the struggle is not just about putting the right foods in your mouth, but standing strong on all aspects of becoming a new, more self assured individual. You don’t need the sauces on your food, you don’t need to be drawn to the refrigerator and you don’t need loaded nachos and beer. And you don’t need to be bored!

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