Exercise!! Yes, You Can Do It!

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Exercise!! Yes, You Can Do It!

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For many dieters “Exercise” is an ugly word. And I will admit that for … say … 65 years, I not only didn’t want to go near a gym, but I would have argued I had no time in my day to work out.

We all know what the experts have to say about exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic website: “Exercise controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, puts the spark back into your sex life and it can be fun.”

There you have it; all the reasons to get off your butt. Are you inspired and ready to start an exercise regimen? Probably not. We all know that exercise is good for us. We might even plan to start exercising “tomorrow.” But there’s a huge chasm between what we know we should do and actually doing it.

Since I can only speak for myself on this topic, I will do just that. And I understand that many will say “Yeah, that’s you, it could never be me.”

Five years ago, at 250 pounds, I couldn’t even walk a block with a friend without gasping for air. I HATED exercise. Then I began a new diet program (one of so many in my life) and the pounds were starting to come off. I realized that I needed to get out of my lethargic comfort zone if I wanted this diet to succeed.

All by myself I went to a big, anonymous – and inexpensive – gym. I know diet experts say you should exercise with a friend and I’m sure that’s true. But for me, anonymity seemed to work. Plus, I realized that I didn’t want my exercise schedule to be controlled by a friend’s availability.

Walking into that  big gym alone the first time was hard. And entering that gym as a “Fat Person” was mortifying. Gym stereotypes are of buff young men and women in skimpy outfits. And here was Linda in her baggy sweat pants who was.. well … sweating. Happily, I have never run into the “perfect bodies” group at the gym. And I have never felt embarrassed at the gym – even when I topped 250 pounds.

I now try to go the gym seven days a week (that doesn’t always happen) and I try to stay an hour a day (that also doesn’t always happen). How do I find the time (after all, I do run my own business)? I go according to my work schedule. I may be there anytime between 6 AM and 4PM (sorry, I fade in the evening).

Truthfully, exercise (for me) is still boring. I would like to be doing almost anything else. I shake up my exercises – use the various machines – and add weights every few days. And I watch the many television sets on the wall. (Day time television can be atrocious, but…!). Like it or not – I do what I have to do. And it pays off – just as the experts say: exercise helps with everything from losing weight to boosting energy to improved health.

Like so much of dieting, it’s about changing habits. Exercising is a habit for me now. I may not like exercise – just as I don’t like eating my fish broiled (not fried), but I sure love what my diet and exercise habits have done for me.