Thanks for Telling Me I Have Flabby Arms!

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Thanks for Telling Me I Have Flabby Arms!

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Last summer I was at the gym and a woman at the next machine commented: “You have flabby arms like me!”   That seemed an odd thing to say to a stranger.  However, I could not deny that she was right.  Having lost 110 pounds, flabby arms (also called bat wings) were one of my realties.

Yesterday (six months later), I was finishing up at the gym and the same woman spoke to me again and asked: “You work out here a lot; are your arms still as flabby as they were last summer?”

Alrighty then!

I explained to her that short of plastic surgery (for my whole body), the result of my large weight loss is loose skin. I am thrilled to be a smaller person, but you’re not going to see me in a bathing suit anytime soon (not that I don’t own one and not that I wouldn’t wear it if I was sitting by a pool in the Bahamas).

Here’s my view on my body (lest you have been wondering). I am more comfortable with my body being a bit flabby at size 6 then I was with my body being fat at size 24.  Granted I am an older woman and I’m not into the social scenes (flaunting my taut body in a string bikini by that pool in the Bahamas).  A younger person would probably suffer with flabby arms more than I do.  However, I’m sure there are ways to “eliminate the flab” (exercise or operation), which I do not know about.

I don’t blame all my wrinkles and sags on just my weight loss.  As an older woman, some of my body shape is the result of old age droop. Time marches on so of course I have wrinkles.

Sags aside, I know that:

  • I can workout at the gym for an hour a day and not get winded.
  • I can play with my grandchildren (on the floor) and be able to get up again.
  • I can easily walk a flight of stairs (several flights of stairs).
  • I can walk into a store and buy a petite size without even trying it on.
  • Instead of using a safety pin to hold a blouse shut over my size 24 body, I can wear a snug shirt that shows no bulges.
  • …and I have never been happier or healthier in my entire life (in spite of outspoken women at the gym).

The lady in the gym finished off her analysis of my flab by adding: “You look good in your clothes.”  Which was nice of her to say.

Obviously it was an odd – and somewhat uncomfortable – conversation for me.  However, it made me wonder what she might have said to me if I went to the gym as a 260-pound person who could barely stay on the treadmill for 10 minutes.

Gotta love outspoken older woman!

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