Stop Playing Those Diet Games! Become a Committed Dieter…

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Stop Playing Those Diet Games! Become a Committed Dieter…

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Are you a committed dieter? Or do you play dieting games that involve a little cheat here and a little extra bite there.

Here are a few examples of the Games Dieters Play. Any of these strike a chord in your diet approach?

  • A dieter goes out to lunch at noon; has half a pepperoni pizza for lunch and announces: “I won’t eat again today.” Honestly, unless you devoured a six course Thanksgiving dinner mid afternoon, of course you’re going to be foraging for something to eat by that evening. Committed dieting is not 1,000+ calories at noon and pretending you’ll go hungry at night.
  • You’re at a restaurant and the breadbasket arrives and you say: “This is the best focaccia bread – I go off my diet for this.” Really? That might explain why it’s taking you so long to lose weight. Committed dieting is giving up that “best focaccia bread” for a period of time.
  • You go to a movie and must have – because of tradition – the big bucket of popcorn with some yellow lard on it that they call butter. Do you know that the jumbo size popcorn is 1200 calories and that gunk they pour on is going to clog your arteries? Committed dieting is breaking away from bad food traditions.
  • You go out to breakfast and include sausage in your order. Excuse? “They make their own sausage here.” Committed dieting is a poached egg on toast with NO home fries and NO sausage.
  • You go to a salad bar and pile your plate with lettuce and then pasta salad, Asian noodles, bacon bits, fried chicken, croutons and several ladles of Ranch dressing. Committed dieting is lettuce, tomatoes, and broiled chicken and light balsamic vinaigrette.
  • You only go off your diet for “special occasions,” but everyday there is some sort of perceived special occasion. Committed dieting is enjoying a special occasion without feeling that high calorie foods are what make an event “special.”
  • Here’s one I recently did myself. For a party, I volunteered to make my delicious chocolate fudge – and I doubled the recipe. Who was I kidding?! I made enough fudge for the party – and me. Committed dieting is bringing a fruit bowl.

It all comes down to you are either committed to your diet – or you are deluding yourself. BTW – you are most definitely not fooling the people who are observing you cheat on your diet.

If you are going to go on a diet – do it right – or don’t bother.