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A life-long dieter (“when I was age 12, I was mortified when my mother took me to the Chubby Girl Department at the local department store”), Linda has tried every diet plan out there.

In 1998, she lost 140 pounds (down from 300).  By 2010, she was back at 250 pounds.  Now, in 2012, she has lost 105 pounds and is a size 8 (down from a size 24).

At age 68, following two knee replacements (and a need for a cane), an inability to climb a flight of stairs without gasping, and a wardrobe that was chosen purely to cover her girth, she decided “Enough!”

Linda vowed it was time to get away from the diet insanity and lose the weight once and for all.  She has often said “Any diet program works.  Successfully dieting is what’s going on in your head and having the motivation to succeed.”

This book is Linda’s concept of dealing with what goes on in your mind.  It also acknowledges that – among women especially – there is a need for not only a support system, but a way to share our personal diet challenges in a world in which beauty is measure by a Hollywood standard.

Linda has more than 30 years of experience in corporate communication and now owns her own communications business.  She is the co-author of the book “FInishing with Grace,” which deals with the complex subject of churches in transition.  Linda lives in Massachusetts and has two grown daughters and four wonderful grandchildren.

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