Nothing Left to Lose

Nothing Left to Lose: A Dieter’s Journey

Linda’s latest  book – Nothing Left to Lose, A Dieter’s Journey: How I Lost 110 Pounds and Reclaimed My Health and Life – is now available on Amazon.  This book is the story of how Linda – at age 68 – FINALLY committed to a diet and went from a size 26 to size 6.  Now, five years later, she is still at her goal weight.  This  helpful and supportive book achieved the Amazon Best Seller list in two categories last year.   

In her second book, Linda shares her personal success story as well as her no-nonsense views on dieting.

When it comes to diet excuses, Linda says: “Get Over It!”

  • Stop kidding yourself and pretending you want to lose weight while you tackle the breadbasket in a restaurant.
  • Stop thinking that “one bite won’t hurt.”
  • Stop blaming everyone else for your inability to commit to your diet.

If you truly want to lose weight, make the commitment and DO IT!

Nothing Left to Lose will challenge you to look in the mirror and take ownership of your food decisions.  It will inspire you lose weight!