Just a Taste – What’s the Worse That Could Happen?

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Just a Taste – What’s the Worse That Could Happen?

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We all know that when it comes to dieting, it’s all about will power. Willpower manifests itself in different ways. Some people have absolutely no will power; others have occasional willpower while still others blow us away with their commitment.

Let’s consider this:

  • If you have absolutely no willpower (which is what you say to others as you dive into a plate of pasta), I’m sorry for you. Diet wise, you’re never going to make it – NEVER. Will power develops and grows with practice. If you hide behind your excuses: “I have to have popcorn with butter at the movies” you’re going to spend a lifetime hiding inside large size clothing.
  • Partial willpower is far better than zero willpower. If you can successfully diet 75% of the time, good for you! You’re opting for a life of four steps forward and one step back, but that’s not too bad. It may take you longer to reach your goal, but it can happen.
  • Then there are the willpower stars. Those dieters of the lettuce leaf lunches and no glancing at the dessert trays. Impressive, but also a bit scary. Is it truly living and enjoying life with 100% willpower? Some might say, “Yes,” I would venture “Maybe not.”

About Just a Taste …

For me, there is no way – willpower wise – to have “Just a Taste.” That’s the same challenge as eating one Lay’s potato chip or one M&M. A taste launches a binge.

Friends observe what I eat (don’t eat) and say: “You have 100% willpower.” No I don’t! I have zero percent willpower. That’s why I can’t have a taste. I know – and I suspect many of you dieters know as well – we can open a floodgate of binging on bad foods with one tiny morsel.

I was at a celebration party last night and there was marvelous cake for dessert. The waiters kept trying to give me a piece and I kept saying no. I watched everyone else at the table not only eating the cake, but also raving about it – and urging me to have a small piece so I could see how good it was.

But I knew something they didn’t. If I ate even a slither of that cake – it would have triggered a colossal binge. I might have resisted a second bite of cake at the table (one has to keep up dieting appearances), but had I eaten any cake, I know I would have stopped on my way home for ice cream, a candy bar (maybe two) or even a cake of my own.

It’s crazy and I admit it. But how many of you have been tipped over the edge by “only a taste?”

People who can share a dessert with a friend and actually put their spoon down after two bites hugely impress me. You share a dessert with me and I will not only eat my half, but take the last bite that you courteously leave on the plate.

Like everything else about dieting, it all falls on you – the dieter. If you can have a taste and stop there, I am impressed and applaud you. If – like me – you know that a taste leads to diet disaster, don’t do it. It’s up to you to acknowledge – and respond responsibly – to your personal diet pitfalls and limitations.

The world is filled with kindhearted friends and family (well, maybe not all so kind hearted) who want to share their good food with you. Sadly, those are often the same people who will later whisper between themselves: “Isn’t a shame she can’t get a handle on her weight.”

Is “just a taste” really worth it to you? If so – don’t be disappointed when your diet goes four steps forward – and three steps back. Your choice….