I Have Fashion Boots – And They Zip Up!

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I Have Fashion Boots – And They Zip Up!

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Sometimes on a rainy day I will walk the mall to get steps on my pedometer. As I slog along with my clunky old sneakers, I often glance at the stylish looking women with knee-high fashion boots. How cool is that look?!

Since fashion boots were first introduced as a style accessory (versus rubber boot protection again snow and slush), I have lusted after them. There is something that seems so decadent about wearing knee high leather boots that are all about style (and should never step in a puddle).

Okay, I’ll back up and say that in my youth, I thought the high boots worn in the swashbuckling pirate movies were pretty cool. Even now, Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean is … well … BE STILL MY HEART.

Lusting after fashion boots is one thing; getting them to zip up your calf can be a problem if one is overweight.  Struggling my whole life with excess weight meant struggling – and failing – each winter to get the side zipper on a fashion boot to go up more than three inches on my calf.  At 260 pounds, even the “wide calf” fashion boot was not forgiving of my too wide leg.

So I gave up:  Yours truly would never wear a fashion boot and would never catch the eye of Captain Jack Sparrow.  Galoshes were the best I could do.

Yesterday, that all changed.  I went to a shoe store with a friend, admired some really cool knee high boots and walked away.  My friend urged me to try them on.  What could it hurt (aside from the zipper pinching my calf)?

You can guess the rest.  Having accomplished a 110-pound weight loss in the last three years, I found that the zipper went up easily. I was wearing fashion boots and they looked and felt fabulous.

There are many reasons to go on a diet and lose weight.  Diet gurus will tell about improved health, greater vigor, better self-esteem and so on and so forth.  I don’t know that those diet gurus have thought specifically about the zipper on fashion boots.

One of the benefits of losing weight is the glorious feeling of the way clothes fit.  Gone is the safety pin to prevent my blouse from gapping, gone is not being able to fully button my jacket, gone is my skirt riding up in the back.

What do I have in place of those embarrassments?  Well, I may just send a booted photo of myself to Captain Jack Sparrow.  I’ll get back to you on how it works out!


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