How Do Your Weight Issues Impact Your Life?

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How Do Your Weight Issues Impact Your Life?

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“I get depressed and have no energy. I feel like a lump on a log, I just fade into the fabric of a chair or couch!”

This is what a friend wrote about the impact of her weight issues on her life. Sadly, what my friend wrote is true of many struggling dieters.

Weight is so much more than what the scale reads and the size of your clothes.  It’s about self-esteem and self-confidence. Extra pounds can make us pull back, fold in ourselves, try to fade into the fabric of a couch.

I know that in my six decades of obesity, I often lacked the courage to be seen. In business, I feared called attention to myself because I was so heavy.  I did my job, but if had I possessed more self-confidence, I could have accomplished much more. In social circumstances, I anticipated being rejected as a “fat woman” so I chose to become the “unseen woman.”

Those are big life examples, but what about our smaller daily lives?  At 260 pounds, I would hesitate to defend myself against uppity sales clerks, waiters who brought me food prepared incorrectly, and friends who insisted I should eat what they eat.  The desire to escape notice prevented me from being my own person, from standing up for my rights.

There are so many diet programs.  Perhaps it’s time for a few self-confidence programs for overweight people.  Those struggling with weight need to be reminded (repeatedly) that they have value in every part of their lives. Fading into a couch is not acceptable. The world wants and needs their brightness, talent and beauty.

Slowly (too slowly) larger size women are making a mark in fashion and in the media. Hooray.  It helps.

But for heavy weight women who are suffering from low self-esteem – more is needed.  They need to understand that they are beautiful and loved and worthy of every opportunity!

To my friend, I write:  “You are beautiful and always have been.” To all of you struggling with weight, please remember: “You have value and you have a right to shine and exceed! Do not let extra pounds keep you from your potential!”

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