Email Your Weight Away

E-Mail Your Weight Away
Diet Dialogues for Women

E-Mail Your Weight Away is a 365-day motivational program designed to help women face their dieting demons. There is a special bond between women, especially those of us who have spent lifetimes struggling with weight issues.

This is not a diet book with menu plans and nutritional concepts. Instead, through small group discussion and self reflection, E-Mail Your Weight Away presents thought-provoking concepts to help women travel together on the difficult journey of losing weight. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100+; whether you’re 15 or 95,the struggle to “look right” in today’s society is the same.

You can do it!

For most dieters, it’s not about the diet plan; if you’re committed and motivated, you can lose weight on any plan. The key to diet success is to understand ourselves – what major influences and/or incidences in our lives have played a role in determining who we are – and what we weigh – today.


Excerpts From Email Your Weight Away

“Has your weight had an impact on who and where you are today? Where do you think you would be in life/business/personal relationships if you were more self confident about the way you look?”

“A longtime friend drops by. You are chatting when she suddenly turns to you and says: ‘You’ve started to put on weight. As your friend, I feel I can tell you this.’ You are stunned. How do you respond to her? How do you feel about her bluntness?”

“The world is influenced by standards of beauty set by Hollywood and the fashion industry. Truly beautiful people are those who may have physical defects or imperfections, but make a positive impression with their charm and grace and accomplishments. Who are some “less attractive” people that you admire (famous or just within your circle) for whom appearance means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of what they’ve accomplished?”

“Let’s talk about mortality. You’re looking down at the reception after your funeral. People are speaking softly together as they remember you. In quiet conversations, what are people saying about you and your life? (No modesty on this answer – honestly describe what people might be saying.) Do you think any of your mourners would say, ‘She was a lovely person, pity about her weight problem.’ What would YOU say?”