Don’t Let Boorish People Undermine Your Diet

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Don’t Let Boorish People Undermine Your Diet

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Like many of us, a friend of mine has been struggling with her weight for years. About a month ago, she joined a hospital-sponsored nutrition and diet programs. She’s being doing splendidly. Down 13 pounds in just over two weeks.

The two of us have dieted together for years and I’ve observed that it’s different this time for her. She is truly committed. As she’s lost the 13 pounds, I can see her strong motivation building. It’s exciting to see her doing so well. She’s going to succeed this time.

Then last Saturday night happened: she went to a family gathering. She emailed me Sunday morning and said, “I blew it, I ate my cousin’s cookies.” My first thought was that she was being kind to a relative who liked to bake and sampled one cookie (that’s not so bad).

However, when we talked it turned out it was an entire plate of cookies and it had nothing to do with the baker. My friend’s binge was a stress reaction to talking to two other cousins who were boorish and nasty. They all stood at the serving table and my friend ate cookie after cookie because the conversation with the two people was upsetting her. To offset their negative behavior, she found comfort in the cookies.

Has that ever happened to you? Mindless eating (or even conscious eating) because the people you are with push your buttons?

When it comes to going off your diet, there are times when it’s sort of okay. For example, it’s your birthday and there’s birthday cake and you have a small slice for the occasion. Good for you! Enjoy! You can even plan ahead for that kind of diet faux pas.

However, it is never right – in fact it is totally wrong – to allow boorish people to undermine your diet confidence and your diet success. That’s giving others power over you.

Obviously there were two solutions to my friend’s challenge: Move away from the plate of cookie and move away from the two people.

Part of successful dieting is recognizing and avoiding saboteurs. Saboteurs are more than food pushers – like mom saying “you must have a slice of my homemade apple pie.” Saboteurs are also people who make you feel bad about yourself or irritate you. They may not say “have another cookie” but they treat you in such a negative way, another cookie seems like the only solace available.

Bottom line: Never blow your diet because of what other people say or do to you. No one should have power over your life and your diet except you.







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