Don’t Call Yourself Fatso!!

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Don’t Call Yourself Fatso!!

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The other day I got an email from a friend, who – like so many of us – is struggling with weight issues.

I was horrified when she referred to herself as “Fatso.”

What a horrible self-description from someone who is beloved by her family and friends and colleagues. How tragic it is that those who are weight challenged have such low self-esteem.

We can be our own worse enemies when it comes to being harsh self-critics. It’s hard enough struggling with weight issues without degrading ourselves both in our heads – and vocally.

I weighed 300 pounds in the late 1990s, lost that weight, and then soared back up to 260 pounds around 2014. I had a lot of nasty names for myself. “Loser” and “Failure” being at the top of the list, but I could also add “Chubby” and “Porky.” And let‘s not forget the ultimate just plain “Fat!”

Why are we so harsh on ourselves? Surely our good qualities are far more important than our weight issues.

I think one answer is that we feel we need to acknowledge the obvious before someone else says something mean – and hurts us. We build a protective shield around ourselves. I’d rather have the words “I realize I am obese – but I’m trying to lose weight” come out of my mouth than have a friend or – worse – a stranger look at me and say “Shish – you’re fat.”

All diet programs should include a “self worth” aspect. Yes, we may need to go on a diet, but we also need to value who we are no matter what our weight.

I’ve spent 50++ years not only struggling with weight, but also with not feeling good about myself. Life long weight issues undermine my self-confidence, self-esteem and self worth.

We need to try to clean up our own thinking about ourselves. Do not walk into a room and announced “Fatso has arrived.” Do not have a bad diet day and tell friends that you are a “Loser” and “Failure.”

Get your priorities straight. If you have a loving family, dear friends, success in your job, support others and – well – laugh and love life in every other way – don’t let your scale alter you sense of value.

And if someone does put you down over your weight, acknowledge the person’s “insight” – and move on!