Do You Want a Large, Medium or Super Large?

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Do You Want a Large, Medium or Super Large?

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When I was a child, my grandmother used to say that my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I only wish. When it comes to portion size my eyes and stomach are pretty much equal. Growing up, I always wanted big portions of food and – yes – I would eat every morsel of a large size meal and secretly wish for more.

That may account for my hitting 300 pounds in the late 1990s. To this day, if I were enticed to go off my diet for … say … a soft serve ice cream, I would want to order an extra large.

Even though I’m a confirmed dieter now, my entire psyche is to go big. When I go through the coffee shop drive-through, I order a large coffee. If I am buying apples, the bigger the better. Salad for lunch? Make it the jumbo.

My life always was and still is devoted to eating large.

I suppose I could blame being the youngest child with three older brothers so that at mealtime, we would eat all we could before a sibling took it. But that’s foolishness since there was enough food on our table for all.

My truth is – and perhaps for you as well – that I love food. Not only does food taste good – and the more the better – food is my comfort on every level.

In my heavier days, no amount of food was too much. An overloaded plate of food was a dream come true for me. Let others say: “I’m going to take half this home for dinner tonight,” while I would say (inwardly) “I’m going to clean my plate.”

What changed for me? How did I stop eating so much? Surprise – nothing changed. I am still a glutton for food. I still want “large” on everything.

What changed for me was the realization that full is full. When I sit down to dinner, I can eat a plate of fried chicken and fries and feel full – but I can also eat a broiled chicken, plain baked potato and vegetable and also full. It’s simple: you put enough food in your stomach (whether high calorie food or low calories food) and you will get filled up.

The reality of dieting is not that high calorie foods fills you up more, it’s that any food will fill you up. When you are faced with a menu, a buffet, any food presentation – go for the lower calorie choices and discover that – at the end of the meal – you feel fine; you’re not starving.

Broiled chicken breast versus fried chicken? French fries versus a baked potato? I understand your inner turmoil. But if you want to lose weight, that’s a decision you have to make. You don’t have to decide to go hungry; you have to decide on the lesser of the caloric evils.

Okay – back to that large size sift serve ice cream. Yes – I still want it. My eyes are still bigger than my stomach. But it is surprising how a small ice cream can be a satisfying treat. I still want to super size everything, but if that were my reality, I’d be 300 pounds again. We dieters need to find the willpower to say “no” to Extra Large and realize it can be enough to say Small (or maybe Medium).