Do You Really, Truly Need to Lose Weight?

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Do You Really, Truly Need to Lose Weight?

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All of my writings have been focused on dealing with true weight problems. It’s now time to address those of you who may imagine you have a weight problem, but do you really?

At 250 pounds, yes – I had a very serious weight problem. Even at 175 pounds, I needed to get my act together. But there are many “dieters” out there who really don’t need to lose weight at all. I concede that 10 pounds overweight this year could easily become 20 pounds next year (consider my going from 175 to 250). We all need to be cautious about our food intake because that scale creeps up so easily.

However, there’s a big difference between “wishing to be thinner” versus “needing to be thinner.” For those who are excessively overweight – so overweight it impacts the quality of your life – of course you should be on a diet. For those of you who are struggling with 10 to 20 pounds extra pounds, yes – stay on top of your food intake.

If you are dieting with the goal of going from thin to thinner, you need to consider what you are doing to yourself. Sadly, I think that many teenage girls make bad choices around their eating because of the current Hollywood image of the ideal size and shape of a woman (which is emaciated and gaunt).

It’s not only teenagers who get taken in by today’s standard of beauty being based on the fit and size of skinny jeans. We all want to look good – at any age. Yes, our health is a factor as well, but the dream of many obese peoples centers around looking good and presenting well in public. All too often, our self-confidence and self-esteem are based on our self-image – and with excess weight, all those “selves” take a nose dive.

There was a time that a fuller figure was greatly admired. The Rubenesque full figure look was to be desired. Sadly – that’s changed. More’s the pity.

By all means, if you need to lose a lot of weight – GO ON A DIET. If you need to lose a few pounds or maintain your weight to prevent the scale from going out of control – YES, DO THAT. But if you are already a slender person who is dieting just to look like a runway model – WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!

Ultimately – any diet plan has to be healthy. Your decision to go on a diet plan also has to be healthy. Go on a diet for the right reasons, not because you want to fit into Size 0 jeans.