Do You Look Like an Unmade Bed?

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Do You Look Like an Unmade Bed?

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A friend of mine was telling me about recently going to a business seminar. She said the female speaker was excellent, but looked like a train wreck. My friend commented that as good as the speaker was, she would never hire her because she was so unprofessional looking.

She wrote: “All I could think of during the entire presentation was: She is SO GOOD at this topic, but she looks like a homeless person. Her bra didn’t fit right with her boobs down to her waist. She was wearing an ill-fitting and wrinkled outfit that didn’t cover her big belly. Her hair was a mess and she had a huge food stain on her blouse!”

I realize that this sounds catty and you might wonder what it has to do with dieting.

First, this is not catty. Rather it is a true description of a businesswoman who blew a chance for additional business because she did NOT look in the mirror.

Secondly, this has a great deal to do with dieting and self-image.

Sadly in today’s society, when a woman is weight challenged, she is often judge negatively. It’s unfair, but it’s a reality. A brilliant woman who is so overweight that her blouse needs a safety pin to stay shut is a woman who does not get the respect she deserves, no matter how capable she may be.
When I weighed 250 pounds, my self-esteem was nonexistent. I was hugely self-conscious. The one thing I endeavored to do correctly was to look as good as possible.

  • My hair was always washed.
  • My bra fit right.
  • My clothing was always pressed and clean.
  • I did not pretend to be a size 22 when I was actually a size 26 (no safety pins to hold together gaping holes).
  • If I spilled food on my front (yes, many of us can identify with food dropping on “the shelf”), I would change my shirt or – at least – mop up the food stains.
  • When I wore slacks (my extra pounds were from the waist down), I added a longer blouse that covered the “caboose.”

I am totally sympathetic that money is tight and we can’t all afford expensive clothes. I certainly couldn’t; I was a single parent with two children. However, I was also a woman who needed to make a living to support those children. I had to look presentable. My budget never allowed for any trips to designer stores. Instead, I shopped end-of-the-season sales, I frequented consignment shops and if a fellow weight-challenged person offered me an old outfit, I took it gladly.

I’m sorry for the woman described at the start of this article. Clearly she had no sense of how bad she looked. But I’m also angry with her because she could be perceived as the stereotypical overweight women.

My message to those of you who look like “an unmade bed:” Realize you negatively represent the sisterhood of overweight women. “Look at her, another fat woman whose clothes are too tight.”

Come on: comb your hair, get rid of those safety pin clasps – and wear a napkin when you eat!







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