Diminished By Our Weight

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Diminished By Our Weight

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A few weeks ago, a dear friend who struggles with weight told me that, since putting on an extra 5 pounds, she is diminished as a person. That didn’t seem logical. After all, what is a measly 5 pounds? Most people wouldn’t even notice she weighed a little more.

As we talked about it, I realized that she was actually talking about her self-esteem. At her lower weight, she had more self-confidence; she felt good about herself. With the extra pounds, she saw herself as a failure.

At her desired weight, she would enter a room with confidence and that confidence translated into an extroverted smile, the willingness to speak up and be noticed. With the extra 5 pounds, she would enter a room and try to disappear and be unwilling to assume a prominent role in any conversation.

Foolish – right? Only 5 pounds. NO, not foolish when one considers that since I last talked to her, she’s now up 10 pounds. It’s all a slippery slope that starts with lowered self-esteem.

The inability to apply common sense and logic to backslides is a core part of dieting failures. How many of us get on the scale in the morning – see that it has edged up six ounces (let alone a pound) and feel like giving up for the day? How many times have you overeaten at lunch and thrown in the dieting towel for the rest of the day? How often have you eaten one chocolate chip cookie from the bag, figured “well, I’ve blown it now” and finished the bag?

Backslides become emotional: Once the self-control goes, the self-esteem goes down, and the emotional eating kicks in. It becomes a snowball and gets bigger and bigger as it travels downhill.

What’s the answer? A symbolic slap on the side of the head might be a good start. My mantra has always been that any good diet will work, it’s what goes on in our heads that sabotages our diet success.

Scale doesn’t look right? A bad food choice? Simply a bad day? Get a grip!

Backsliding on your diet is a choice. You allow it to happen. If you truly want to lose weight, suck up your mistake(s) and recommit. There is no one – absolutely no one – who can lose your weight for you. Don’t allow an unwanted 5 pounds, one too many cookies, or any dieting misstep derail you.

Get into your own head – and don’t let your weight diminish you.

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