Dieting with Lollipops and Bubble Gum

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Dieting with Lollipops and Bubble Gum

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When I was a child, my mother always criticized those who chewed gum: “Like cows chewing their cuds,” she would say. I grew up taking a dim view of “gum people,” especially those crass bubble blowers and gum smackers. Gross!

Sigh – if my mother could see me now. These days, I chew gum with the best of them.

I’ll back up and explain why a woman of my venerable years would take up gum chewing: It’s a way for me to deal with food grazing. Simply stated: It’s a lot more difficult to scarf up a broken cookie if you have to take gum out of your mouth.

I realized the value of gum several years ago when I was preparing food for an event and was about to slip into “Two for the guests and one for me” thinking. How often have you cut up a tray of brownies and theorized that the brownie crumbs have no calories? Something as simple as preparing a fruit tray runs the risk of more fruit being eaten during prep than ending up on the serving plate (and, yes, those dozen or so grapes that fall from the vine into the bottom on the colander do have calories).

Maybe, just maybe, a piece of gum in your mouth is one less “bite of this and bite of that” being eaten.

Onward to my beloved lollipops. Were I but a poet I would do an ode to this wonderful candy confection, which (if you chose the right ones) can be low calorie. Absolute ambrosia.

It may be hard to believe that I’ve lost 110 pounds as I sing the praises of a lollipop. I will caveat immediately that lollipops (or any candy) are NOT a diet food that I recommend one eats by the bag full all day. In fact, one pop a day – at the most two – is the absolute limit.  And BTW – we’re talking children’s little lollipops – not all day suckers!

Like the aforementioned chewing gum, a lollipop puts something tasty in your mouth that conceivably prevents you from putting something bad in your mouth. It’s that simple. A lollipop is a nice treat and unless you overdo it (a high calorie gourmet pop or multiple pops in a row), they aren’t that bad.

I will also add a little known bonus to lollipops. If you’re driving a distance and getting tired on the road, the candy can help keep you awake (it does for me anyway – a little sugar charge and flavor burst).

I’m not telling everyone to go out and buy gum and lollipops (sugarless preferred). This is simply an observation that, for me, those two treats have made a difference. They’ve allowed me to have something tasty in my mouth – as well as something to chew on – that prevented me from sampling the chips and dip.

As far as my mother is concerned, she would be pleased to know that I am quite ladylike when I chew gum and do not smack and pop it. (Although, just between us, I have been known to blow some awesome bubbles – when alone).