Dieters can be SO STUPID!

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Dieters can be SO STUPID!

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Recently I overheard a conversation between two dieters. One dieting young woman said, “I am so hungry, I am going to have a huge chicken Caesar Salad for lunch today.” The other one said. “I’m hungry, too, but I can’t eat breakfast or lunch today because I ate an entire pizza last night.

Okay – if you don’t see anything wrong with those two sentences, you’d better read on. First of all a grilled chicken Caesar Salad is 900 calories (consider the croutons, the cheese, the dressing). Secondly, is there any healthy diet plan in the world that allows eating an entire pizza and even worse, recommends skipping two meals?

So why are dieters so dumb? Because they launch a diet without doing the research; they diet by assumption.

You wouldn’t go into a surgery without finding out what you’re facing. You wouldn’t apply for a job without feeling you have the skills to do the work. Why would you ever go on a diet without at least some knowledge of good foods versus bad foods? The words nutrition and eating healthy should resonate BEFORE you begin a diet program.

What makes dieting difficult is understanding the difference between launching a successful diet and another failed diet. Successful dieting means asking your doctor for a plan, seeking out a reputable diet program, getting a mentor, finding a support group, and so on. At the very least, read and learn about dieting (no, I do not mean checkout counter magazines with the “Lose 10 pounds in Five Days” offer). Although I will acknowledge that some magazines do have some healthy diet plans that are worth a try.

Dieting is not rocket science, but it is science. To be a good dieter, you need will power – and knowledge. After decades of dieting, I thought I knew it all. I used to say, “I know so much about dieting, I could teach one of those classes.” (This was when I was 250 pounds – who was I kidding!)

If you want to lose weight, don’t make assumptions about the food you eat. Be a savvy dieter who knows what is going in his or her mouth, who knows the value of exercise, who strives to change core behaviors.

Knowledge is power and can mean diet success. Lack of knowledge is a 900 calories Chicken Caesar salad and an entire pizza with no breakfast or lunch.