Avoiding Binging with WMD

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Avoiding Binging with WMD

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On a recent outing with a dear friend, she suggested: “You should do a blog on WMD.”

Huh? Weapons of Mass Destruction? That hardly sounds like a diet blog subject.

“No,” she explained, “Weapons of Mass Distraction.” Which means – simply put – distractions to get away from food and binging and gaining weight.

Terrific idea! When dieters are faced with an extended (boring) period within grazing range of bad foods, how can they distract themselves?

We all know the obvious answers: Take a walk. Read a book. However, for me, if it’s a choice between chocolate chip cookies calling from the kitchen versus reading a book in the living room, odds are I’ll end up eating cookies while reading the book.

Finding real distractions from the siren call of food takes some creativity.

Bearing in mind that we all have different life style and energy levels, here are some WMD ideas – a few of which might work for you. But first, here’s the basic truth about avoiding bad foods:

You must physically move away from the food source. So simple, it seems foolish to even mention it. However, the secret to avoiding bad foods is to not get near them. Whether it’s your kitchen, a restaurant, a friend’s house, situate yourself as far away from the food as you can. That means not sitting within reach of the chips and dip bowl.

Some WMD:

  • Clean – and clean some more. I know, a long day of work (or whatever you do) and the thought of cleaning a closet is probably pretty low on your enjoyment list. But even a half hour of expending calories in a cleaning project is a half hour not obsessing over what’s calling to you from the kitchen.
  • Make a phone call. It’s rude to be noisily chomping on food while chatting on the phone. Engage in a lively conversation (without a bag of pretzels and dip in your hand).
  • Take a walk. No, not just any walk around your neighborhood. Go to a Big Box store and walk the aisles. Or walk the mall or a department store. No, do not stop at the coffee kiosk for a donut.
  • Start a journal (diet, life, dreams, whatever) and write in it when you want to refocus your mind.
  • Make a bucket list; then Internet research the possibility of fulfilling your bucket list.
  • Go to a movie. Depending on your neighborhood, perhaps even go alone. Note: Avoid the buttered popcorn.
  • Find children (yours, a friends, neighbors) and play with them. Or, if there’s a kid’s softball game up the street – head over and cheer them on!
  • Find a safe area, sit down and people watch.
  • Do some Internet research on any subject that interests you (from how to start a marble collection to diet recipes).
  • Attend a meeting, a craft group, an adult ed class, or a church service in another faith.
  • Stretch out on the grass, look up at the sky and watch the clouds.
  • And my personal favorite: Make lists (things to do, people to visit, items to buy, plans for the future). Any list is a good list.

Good luck with your personal Weapons of Mass Distraction. If even one of the above ideas (or another of your own) keeps you from grazing in the kitchen – thank a lovely friend of mine who lives in Seattle. Like me, she wishes you well on your diet journey.

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