Are You Embarrassed by Your Weight?

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Are You Embarrassed by Your Weight?

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Have you ever not gone to an event because you are embarrassed by your weight?

Many dieters may now whisper: “Yes!”

An acquaintance successfully lost 100 pounds over several years. I hadn’t seen her for quite a while and was sad to learn that she had gained back that 100 pounds –plus more. Then I heard that the woman was invited to a wedding. A week before the nuptials, she called the bride and said that “Something had come” up and sadly, she could not attend.

In my world of weight struggles, “something coming up” could mean that she did not want people to see her with all that weight back on.

My heart goes out to her. I understand, because I have done the same thing.

For me, it was my 50th high school class reunion and I refused to attend from the first day I heard there would be reunion. No pleas from school friends, no messages from the class president about the significance of the gathering, nothing would make me budge. There were no words that would convince Morbidly Overweight Linda to walk into the local country club and allow people to see what had become of me. Not that I had become a ne’er do well. I’ve had a successful business career, have a beautiful family, and live in a lovely home. I had nothing to be embarrassed about in my life – except that I was significantly overweight.

Weddings and class reunions are big events and not attending because of excess pounds is a terrible excuse. For some of us, it’s understandable.

What about the lesser events that you may have passed on because your scale has depressed you? Or those gatherings where you show up, but fade into the background so that no one notices you?

From parties and graduations, seminars and school meetings, casual get togethers and blow out events – how many have you avoided fearing the judgmental looks you might see in other’s eyes?

Of course not all overweight people are self conscious – far from it. I greatly admire the large size woman or man who enters a room and positively glows. They ooze self-confidence and self esteem and extra pounds do not hold them back.

And there are also those heavy weights who don’t seem to own a mirror and realize what they look like. That would be the size 24 woman squeezed into a size 16 too short dress. That person has no inhibitions about their weight and chooses to enjoy life with no concerns.

So – yes – I acknowledge that being self conscious about weight does not hold back some people. But there are some heavy people who allow those extra pounds to diminish their existence in this world. They hold themselves back from their full potential because they feel less than perfect in the eyes of others.

What a shame that excess weight would so impact phenomenal human beings.

My associate should have gone to the wedding; I should have gone to my class reunion. And you should never say “no” to an activity that is important to you based on your scale.

You need to accept and know that – absolutely – your presence brings value to your friends and family and colleagues and acquaintances. What you have to offer this world can never be measured by pounds, only by you as a person.

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