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E-Mail Your Weight Away
Diet Dialogues for Women

By Linda Hilliard

About the Book

E-Mail Your Weight Away is a 365-day motivational program designed to help women face their dieting demons. There is a special bond between women, especially those of us who have spent lifetimes struggling with weight issues.

This is not a diet book with menu plans and nutritional concepts. Instead, through small group discussion and self reflection, E-Mail Your Weight Away presents thought-provoking concepts to help women travel together on the difficult journey of losing weight. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100+; whether you’re 15 or 95,the struggle to “look right” in today’s society is the same.

For long-term struggling overweight women, food intake is complex. Questions like these, shared among a small group over a long period of time can uncover truths for them. Participants learn from both their own answers and those of others. This book will help you focus on the issues in your life and their impact on your eating patterns.

For most dieters, it’s not about the diet plan; if you’re committed and motivated, you can lose weight on any plan. The key to diet success is to understand ourselves – what major influences and/or incidences in our lives have played a role in determining who we are – and what we weigh – today.